- Skype for Business -

Text Box: The Ashland County Common Pleas Court utilizes SKYPE FOR BUSINESS video conferencing.  Skype for Business allows invited guests to join a video conference meeting or hearing, by simply clicking on a hypertext link sent to the invited guest in an email or Outlook Calendar invitation.  The invited guest simply clicks on the link, allows the web app to install (if not previously installed), then provides a “refer to me as” name when joining the video conference as a guest.

For a wealth of support information about Skype for Business video conferencing, go the Microsoft Skype for Business support website using this link: 


Regularly Provided Media Access Without Request:
It is the Court’s policy to notify local media/press organizations, and automatically provide a direct-access link to any Skype for Business video hearing scheduled in any criminal case pending before the Court.  Those local media/press organizations are:  Ashland-Times Gazette; Ashland County Pictures; Mansfield News Journal; Ashland/Richland Source; and WMFD TV (if a separate link provided).

Requesting Direct Access Link Participation for a Criminal Video Hearing:
Any non-local media agency, law enforcement agency, related party, or approved individual may, upon application to the Court, request notification and a direct-access link to one or more video hearings on a case-by-case basis.  To request access, complete the Video Hearing Participation Request Form, available by clicking this link: 

Condition of Conduct Applicable to Media and Observers Granted Direct Access:
Any media agency, law enforcement agency, related party, or approved individual granted direct-access to observe a video hearing agrees that no audio, video, desktop sharing, chat, or other interruption of the hearing will occur or be caused due to their participation.  Any entity or individual violating this condition for access shall be immediately disconnected without notice by the judge or magistrate presiding over the hearing.